American health care system no match for Ebola

Despite the head of the CDC assuring us that America is not Liberia, Ebola in America is winning. A second case turns up from a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. My God this is a pathetic response to deadly epidemic. That hospital sends the patient home. When he does come back he sat for hours with other patients. Then he dies for lack of effort. Two nurses have to wait for the disease to advance and fever shows, before they are diagnosed as sick. It was just reported on CNN that Ebola, like any virus, has an effect on the blood long before outward symptoms show.

A simple white blood cell count test will show in 3 days of exposure. There is absolutely no need to wait “3 weeks” for a fever to develop. 3 days is all that is necessary. 3 days. This is the first I’ve heard of it. Our “leaders” are so far behind the curve. The nurses union is now coming out with the dirt on Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. One example was when nurses complained about their exposed neck. They were told to “wrap their neck with medial tape”. What??? Are you kidding me?

Doctor Gupta on CNN was showing the procedure for doffing the protective gear after exposure. It was essentially identical to the procedure for taking off Chemical Warfare gear in the military. Having done that, you quickly realize you would be toast in a real world crisis. The military didn’t even have showers to do a first stage decontamination prior to proceeding. Part of the reason was that the suits were cloth! The contaminant would have soaked in! With water proof suits and showers, you would have at least stood a chance.

This hospital wasn’t even up to the task of effectively donning and doffing gear, let alone have the right gear. Their failure is complete. The CDC’s failure is complete. Bureaucrats are not leaders. Emergencies require leaders not bureaucrats. The bureaucratic system we have is not equipped for this. An example of this is the second case in Texas. The list of care givers to the original patient that have to be watched is now 70. Daily blood tests should have been going on for a week now on all 70. They won’t. They’ll wait weeks for fevers to show and the disease is advanced.

When the epidemic starts to spread in the US, they will say “hospital labs are over burdened”. Yeah? Then utilize veterinarian clinics and university science departments to also do the blood tests. White blood cell counts are child’s play. That is just criminal they would wait weeks, when 3 days would show with a blood test.

Jim Roach

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