Are U.S. Hospitals ready for Ebola? Evidently not …

The Dallas hospital failed the patient, failed the nurses, then they failed the public by letting the two infected nurses travel all over creation. Not once have I heard the call for the resignation of Dr. Daniel Varga, the chief clinical officer for that hospital. Inadequate equipment, inadequate training, no blood testing of the care staff, no travel restrictions, I’m not sure how his failure could be any more complete.

USA Today points out there are only 4 hospitals equipped to treat Ebola patients. Between them, there are a sum total of 8 – 13 beds. Not per hospital, total. 13 beds in the United States of America, the world’s lone superpower, to treat Ebola.

Nurses training nationwide has been a complete failure. “Nurses have been given a CDC handout and directed to the website.” This outbreak has been going on for 5 months, and once again the Obama administration is playing catchup. An Ebola Czar isn’t appointed until Friday, and then it is a political hack. Joe Biden’s chief of staff? Are you kidding me? He doesn’t need to be a doctor, but he does need to be an expert in crisis management.

Someone like Utah millionaire Jeremy Johnson who showed the world what relief effort was all about after the Haiti earthquake. While the government was formulating “strategic assessment plans”, Johnson was flying food, doctors, generators and other equipment into the Dominican Republic and trucking them into Haiti. While the government was holding press conferences, Johnson was putting food in peoples belly’s. That is who Obama should have gone to for Ebola Czar, someone from the private sector who knows how to get it done. Not some schmo on Biden’s staff.

In the article by Graham Gillette, NBC News shows how not to atone for mistake, he talks about how during their quarantine because of an infected cameraman, the chief medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman goes to lunch at a New Jersey restaurant. He references Snyderman saying, “We remain healthy and our temperatures are normal.” Once again they are waiting for the disease to advance 3 weeks, rather than start daily blood tests that would show sickness in 3 days.

This outbreak in the U.S. has become so serious  that Obama even cancelled a campaign trip. OMG! Has it come to that? In the same article he mentions that he is not in favor of a travel ban from west Africa. Good God who is this man working for? You isolate an epidemic, you don’t spread it. Our open southern border is likely to cause many deaths also. Marine Corps General John Kelly last week pointed out that as people become more desperate in Africa, they will pay smugglers to bring them into Mexico and central America so that they can make their way into U.S hospitals to receive treatment. he called it an “existential threat” to U.S. security. The mainstream media completely ignored him.

The USA Today Thursday had an article titled, Hospitals’ infection controls questioned. They point out that there were “700,000 hospital -associated illnesses each year”. In 2011, 75,000 people died from those infections contracted at hospitals. More than twice the number killed in auto accidents. Most commonly from staff who did not wash their hands and equipment. How tough is that? Wash your damn hands. They spend millions upon millions on public health boards, and committees and centers, but they have 8 beds to treat patients? They can’t wash their hands? Priorities people.

Jim Roach

This isn't a real map (2)

[“The 722,000 infections acquired in hospitals during 2011 represented a decline of 58 % from a decade earlier, when the annual number stood at 1.7 million. The number of deaths linked to those infections dropped nearly 25 % over the same period.”]



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