Ebola on the subway!

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Dr. Craig Spencer returns to New York and brings Ebola with him. He was feeling bad on Tuesday, and went out on the town. Thursday morning he came down with a fever. What struck me as staggeringly stupid, was once again they wait weeks for advanced symptoms to show, then they hospitalize the patient. Hmm…. is there a quicker way?

Is there a way to tell if a person is sick within 3 days of being exposed? As opposed to 3 weeks? Is there a quicker way to tell if a person is sick, before they become highly contagious?

Yes! A blood test!  A count for white blood cells! Shazam! Because with any virus, the first thing to happen is a rapid drop in white blood cells. You don’t have to wait 10 days to become highly contagious with a high fever, vomiting and diarrhea, no! You can tell within 3 days after exposure, long before symptoms become advanced, we have what we call early symptoms.

Is a white blood cell count something that can only be done at CDC headquarters by a specialist? No! It can be done by any monkey with a microscope. Anyone with a biology background, high school science teacher, vet, college biology student. But for reasons unknown, the U.S. healthcare system, is waiting for the actual virus to show up in the blood. A week or weeks after exposure.

Jim Roach

[On Twitter CNN/Time are saying “the doctor had no symptoms until Thursday”. Bullshit. The doctor himself said that “He felt tired starting Tuesday…”. Fatigue and nausea are symptoms. Fever is not the only symptom. Why do they keep saying that? Even now they are saying he “exhibited no symptoms”. That is wrong. He wasn’t experiencing advanced symptoms. He most certainly was exhibiting early symptoms. Why are medical professionals acting so dense? And, it still doesn’t answer why no blood tests. Plus, as has been reported, he was told not to come to work for 3 weeks, so why expose all those people on the subway and in the restaurants to risk? And this was also pointed out on CNN, if Ebola is so hard to catch by casual contact, and we saw pictures of the Doc over there in his spacesuit, how did he get it? If you are in a hazmat suit, and you still catch it, why are you telling people on the subway there’s no danger? They’re not in a spacesuit. Evidently it’s pretty damn easy to catch. And why are they rushing to decontaminate Spencer’s apartment? The virus only lasts 2 hours on surfaces, right?]

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