Religion of Peace killing like crazy in Canada

aaa b gunman-moments-before-Parliament-attack

Wow, isn’t that odd, to be using the words “crazy” and “Muslim” in the same sentence? In the first instance a crazed Muslim in a car runs down two Canadian soldiers. The next day another crazed Muslim in Canada storms Canada’s Parliament building and kills another soldier, then fortunately is shot dead.

In Thursday’s USA Today, two articles on page 3B report the incident in Ottawa. The first was, Gunfire erupts at Ottawa Parliament, by Pierre Chauvin and William M. Welch. The second, Canadians laud sergeant-at-arms, by Alan Gomez. Guess what the funny thing was about both articles? And they weren’t small articles, they covered about 20 column inches. Guess what both articles failed to mention?

That’s right, they failed to mention the key damn point of both instances! That both were attacks by Muslim radicals. You’d think reporters might just have more of a damn clue then that.

Jim Roach


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