Headhunters in the subway!

aaa zale_thompson_hatchet

Muslim Zale Thompson in New York tries to show his brothers in Headhackeystan that he is down with the struggle, follows their lead and goes headhunting on two New York cops. The media doesn’t talk about it, but that’s what he was doing. Luckily he was shot dead. Unfortunately a woman bystander was also shot. With any luck the woman and the cops will recover fully.

Along with the beheadings in the Middle East, this brings home to me once again the stupidity of bringing tribal savages practicing Islam into America. Their beliefs are obviously incompatible with Western Civilization. To think you can make a silk purse out of a sows ear is ridiculous.

ISIS has shown repeatedly what they are. I suggest we start to believe them. Primitive headhunters are not who we need in this country. Rather than stop the exodus of their brothers already here, I suggest we hire several large ships, load them on the ships, and assist in them in the return to their wonderful homeland.

Why stop enemies of America from leaving? We want them to leave.

Jim Roach

[Kudos to Mark Steyn for inventing the phrases, “Headhackers, Headhackeystan”.]


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