The Register’s fatal paradigm

The Register’s Sunday editorial, We Can’t Back Either (their refusal to endorse Branstad or Hatch), makes you either want to cry or pull your hair out. The article is rather intriguing at first blush, their disgust with both Branstad and Hatch. But when the 800 pound gorilla in Iowa politics is so myopic, it is truly scary.

When something so big and powerful as the Register is completely blind (or stupid), how do you fight that? It’s true, neither Republican Terry Branstad or Democrat Jack Hatch are worth voting for. So what do we do? Stay home? Not vote? Hmm … or is there a third option?

Since when do you denote “5” by the word either? Maybe they got a different ballot than me, but I have 5 people running for governor. Along with the two candidates above, my ballot also has Libertarian Lee Deakins Hieb, New Independent Party Iowa candidate Jim Hennager and Iowa Party candidate Jonathan Narcisse. Using a calculator and all the ‘new’ math I got in school, that comes to a total of 5 candidates in my book. Not “either”.

Does the Register really not know that they are a large part of the reason the two major parties put up ‘dumb and dumber’ as candidates? They are the major ‘print’ player in Iowa media. For years their propaganda has conditioned people to the autonomic response that they have to vote either Democrat or Republican. Bullshit! In the same section Obradovich suggests Iowa Republicans have to vote for David Young in the 3rd District, that they have no where else to go.

How can you possibly not understand that competition makes any race stronger? If you have a historical duopoly, rot and lethargy will indeed set in. This stuff is so basic I question their intelligence and character. I have to assume they take this position to foster the illusion of only “two” choices.

The two major parties benefit from keeping the duopoly. The Register benefits (they think) from promoting the idea there can only be one paper in central Iowa. It’s like in government, a corrupt judiciary supports the corrupt things the legislative branch does, who in turn supports a corrupt executive branch, who in turn comes full circle and doesn’t call out a corrupt judiciary. Follow the money.

In 1999 you knew who the Governor of Minnesota was. You had no idea who the Governor of South Dakota was, but you knew who Minnesota’s was. Why is that? Because Jesse Ventura got elected Governor of Minnesota and the establishment promptly crapped their collective pants.

Ventura put the fear of God into the establishment because he wasn’t bought and paid for like the Democrats and Republicans. They were scared to death he would threaten the status quo, upset the apple cart, and end business as usual.

Minnesota didn’t dry up and blow away with a third party as Governor. They didn’t secede and become annexed by Canada. Life went on. No one died because of it. In another 4 years things got back to usual. Cronyism continued, backroom deals were made, and no one cared further who the Governor of Minnesota was.

Iowa will elect Braindead for his 28th term. Secret payoffs will continue to be made. DCI agents will get fired if they speak out. The Governor’s kid will continue to get away with murder. The same ole same ole goes on.

Jim Roach

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“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

— Sir Winston Churchill
(1874-1965) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom





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