Iowa’s Attorney General is dirty

Miller takes campaign money from participants in state cases [Des Moines Register 10/31 Christopher Jones, Denison]

The Register has been going after Iowa Attorney General for months now. It should have been years. When the Register goes after a Democrat, they should be behind bars. Just let the concept of the title roll around in your head a little bit, campaign money from litigants. How does that smell? Like one of those hog lots that has been exempted from being sued.

The article goes on to say Miller lied about how much and how often he took money.  The New York Times is who broke the latest revelations. They point to Pfizer as one of the many examples. Miller said he took $1,000, when records showed he took “More than $8,000 at least six times.” When the chief law enforcement officer in the state is dirty, it just rolls down hill.

Common sense tells you something was wrong with Miller. He has been in office since 1978. Ten years ago Clark Kaufmann and Bert Dalmer got the goods on Miller. He should have been forced out then. Or impeached. But that requires momentum from Iowa’s liberal TV and print media. That wasn’t going to happen.

One of the articles by Kaufmann and Dalmer was, Citizens took charge in Cass case. This was from 2004 when the citizens of Cass County were tired of their corrupt county attorney James Barry, and sheriff Larry Jones. They went to Miller’s office to seek advice from the supervisor of the county attorneys, Corwin Ritchie. Ritchie, this longtime crony of Miller, tipped off Barry and Jones that the citizens were coming for them. Ritchie and they never thought the citizens would gather the $50,000 needed to bring suit.

The citizens did, and won. Barry and Jones went bye, bye. Where the media dropped the ball was leaving it hanging that Corwin Ritchie as “ethics” overseer had tipped off the guilty. What the media should have drove home and thereby forced Miller out, was that Miller’s office should have been going after the corrupt county attorney and sheriff. The citizens shouldn’t have had to do it. Ritchie spent all his time lobbying to make their association richer, not what he was paid to be, the ethics watchdog.

Miller wasn’t going to go after the bad guys, he was one of the bad guys.

Absolutely nothing came of it. As far as I know Ritchie is still there. It doesn’t hurt to be a liberal Democrat in Des Moines. Ask Kent Sorenson how it works. The Cass County case made me shake in my boots ten years ago. When the corruption goes all the way to the top in a state, the citizens at the bottom are toast. New Orleans doesn’t have anything on us.

Okay, so you expect the cover-up from the liberal mainstream media. But we have also been betrayed in this case by local conservative talk radio host Jan Mickelson. When you can get Mickelson to stop talking about dryer lint and critters, his targets in central Iowa are rarely the powerful. Oh, he’ll attack “unionized snowplow drivers” and K-12 teachers and gay activists, but he doesn’t speak truth to power.

Whenever the filth from Polk County politics bubbles out of the sewer, Mickelson is no where to be found. And at the state level, when the governor’s kid is killing an old couple in a car accident while drunk, or the Attorney General is adding to his list of corruption, Mickelson is strangely silent. Follow the money.

The point behind all this is simple. Finding corruption in the statehouse is hardly a surprise. What does surprise me a little though is just how stupid Iowa voters are. This Tuesday they will return Miller to office. The legislature won’t impeach Miller. The media won’t have a conniption over any of this. And the cronyism will continue. Me? I’d vote the bastards out.

Jim Roach

abcdefgnnn Cafe Diem (2)
photo by DME

“The reason so many problems do not get solved in Washington is that
solving those problems is not the No. 1 priority: Re-election is.”

— Thomas Sowell
(1930- ) Writer and economist
Source: Congressional reform won’t come cheap, The Washington Times (National Weekly), p. 33, November 20-26, 1995

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