An exercise in futility

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Get out the leotards, it’s exercise time! Election day 2014! It doesn’t have to be a wasted day, but it will be. The reason is the mind-numbing stupidity of the Iowa voter. For verification of this, all we have to do is look at the leader of stupid in Iowa, the Des Moines Register.

Richard Doak (retired editor for the Register) did his best imitation of The Scream on Sunday [Despite choices, nothing changes]. It was filled with all manner of anguished laments. “It comes from the realization that nothing much will change no matter which candidates win on Tuesday.  Say it again, nothing will change.  Oh, Republicans talk a good game of cutting spending and reducing the size of government, but they won’t … Democrats talk the talk of helping the middle class, but when they get a chance they only nibble around the edges …”

Doak goes on for another half page, pissing and moaning. He points out that both Democrats and Republicans are liars and cheats. He correctly acknowledges that the only thing politicians are beholden to  are corporations and the next election. He accurately asserts that a politician would sell his own mother for a campaign contribution. He correctly identifies all the issues and problems causing the current system to collapse under the corrupt duopoly we now have. So what is Doak’s answer?

He sums it up this way, “There is no mass movement to take the country back from the plutocrats and their politicians. So the ballot offers no opportunity for real change.” Bullshit, Doak. All your mind can contemplate throughout your article are the words ‘either’ and ‘both’. Democrats and Republicans. Why are you so God blessedly blind?

Don’t vote for them! I didn’t say don’t vote, I said don’t vote for them. If Democrats and Republicans, as you point out, dug the hole we’re in, why is your answer to keep voting for them? That makes no sense. Your article is on record, it is in black and white. Your answer, after half a page of whining, is to keep voting them in. You say there is no choice. Bullshit.

You are the problem. Your paper is the problem. KCCI is the problem. WHO and WOI are the problem. All the local idiot political science professors are the problem. The establishment has you convinced that you can’t vote for a third party. Bullshit. Republicans have the number two amount of registrants in the state. Democrats are number three. Independents have the number one amount of registered voters in the state. Do you get that? Independent voters have the greatest voice in the state and they have been convinced they can only vote for the people who dug the hole.

Elections don’t have to be an exercise in futility. But they are.

Jim Roach

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“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

— Sir Winston Churchill
(1874-1965) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

[In an interesting ‘morning after’ the election note, WOI channel 5 is not figuring independents into the vote total percentages. As an example, they have the Branstad race at 61 % to 39 %. The actual totals were Branstad 59 %, Hatch 37 %, third parties accounting for 4 %. In many races in Iowa third parties garnered 4 or 5 %. WOI isn’t even being honest with the numbers, let alone the coverage.]

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