“Iowa Republican Party is now humming along”

Kathie Obradovich in the Sunday Register is now happy as peaches. The universe is now back in sync. The Constitutionalists have been thrown out of power in Iowa politics and cronyism can get back to normal. A.J. Spiker was as unpopular as ants at a picnic. The Spiker led libertarian wing of the Republican Party never really got enough influence to actually threaten the gravy train, but just the idea that it might rattled more than a few cages.

During Spiker’s reign the Register couldn’t write about RPI (Republican Party of Iowa) without saying “Ron Paul supporters” like it was a bad thing. They took great glee in reporting every squabble and bickering. The Terry Branstad/Doug Gross/ country club wing made sure the money dried up, the Register did their part, and within 2 years the Constitutionalists were gone. There is more than a little irony that those who want to play by the rules are the enemy of all.

Given enough time and elections, Constitutionalists would start to question welfare to farmers, welfare to corporations, taxpayer subsidized housing developments. Follow the money. You don’t want to get between a pig and the trough. At the caucuses in January, Terry and the boys came at Spiker like a bitin’ sow. Between the money and the press, Spiker got slaughtered. The Register had it in for them because Democrat graft also would have been eventually threatened.

The day after the election Steve Deace and Spiker were on the radio. Deace pointed out that in the middle of a Republican tsunami the Iowa Senate went more Democrat. The Republicans didn’t hold, they lost. He said who ever was in charge of that debacle should be fired. It was a shot across the bow of the country clubbers. Gross was sitting across the table from him and you could practically hear the verbal slap.

Spiker pointed out that the retiring Tom Harkin sat on $2.4 million that could of been spread among his fellow Democrats in Iowa that were going down in flames. He said Harkin instead saved the $2.4 million to fund the Harkin Library at Drake. It was a good point. After 40 years at the government trough, Harkin of course thinks it is all about him. All hail cronyism!

Jim Roach

aaa b Just vote! (2)
photo by DME

“The reason so many problems do not get solved in Washington is that solving those problems is not the No. 1 priority: Re-election is.”

— Thomas Sowell
(1930- ) Writer and economist
Source: Congressional reform won’t come cheap, The Washington Times (National Weekly), p. 33, November 20-26, 1995



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