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Jennifer Jacobs on the local front exposed the fear liberals have nationally about Doctor Ben Carson. It took me a couple of days to figure it out, but I see it now. Mickelson on Tuesday’s show played a clip of a few minutes from Carson’s speech Saturday at the Family Leader event in Des Moines. It was the most amazing speech, just for the few minutes I heard of it.

The part of the speech Mickelson played was Carson telling of his childhood and growing up poor in Detroit. He talked of his mother working from sunup to midnight. Her admonition of no excuses. Her resistance to welfare lest it become a crutch. Her insistence that he and his brother bring her 2 book reports a week, even though she couldn’t read them. It was just a really fertile 4 minutes.

It stirred the soul and got your motor running. That caused me to look up more of his speeches. I found his CPAC speech on YouTube. A great 24 minutes there. You know a great speech when you hear it. It resonates. You don’t need an analyst to come on afterwards and tell you how great it was. You know it or you don’t. Truth rings. Jacobs knows that too.

That’s why it all came together after the clip on Mickelson’s show yesterday. I’m thinking, “Jacobs knows all this, politics is her job. She must have seen him on FOX, seen his CPAC speech, the National Prayer breakfast speech. She’s had to have heard him.” And my thought was how can you hear such an inspirational speaker, and your only thought in 2 articles Saturday was that he can’t win?

What a ‘pull-yourself-up-by the-bootstraps’ kind of story, and your only thought is he can’t win? That to me said a lot about Jacobs. That to me revealed a sick mind. That to me revealed someone who is trying “kill it before it grows”. He is a conservative. He is a Christian. And he is a black man. That is a liberals worst nightmare. He has the ability to show the nation that they don’t need a nanny state. And without the state, liberals are nothing.

As Carson gets more and more popular, and “he can’t win”, turns into, “stop him!”, the press is going to be in his background like nobody else. They are going to know what he has done for everyday of his life. Late night comediennes are going to have a field day at his expense. Saturday Night Live skits will skewer him.  He’s going to be under a microscope. Good luck Doctor Carson.

Jim Roach

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