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Iowa police need clear guidance on use of Tasers [11/30 Sunday Register]

Nathan Miller of the University of Iowa wrote a thought provoking piece on the wide disparity of the use of Tasers from county to county in Iowa. Using them on pregnant women, suspects who are handcuffed, people offering no resistance. Cops gone crazy!

My thought on it came about when Guantanamo was in the news all the time a few years back. If you can’t do something to a POW, you shouldn’t be doing it to an American citizen. Anyone who has paid attention to the ‘rules of engagement’ our troops operate under, should be familiar with these points. It occurred to me again last week when cops in Cleveland drove up in a park and gunned down a 12-year-old with a BB gun.

Our troops have been issued more and more restrictive rules of engagement. It used to be in the ‘face of a threat’. It then became only when guns were pointed at them. Then they could only fire back when someone first fired at them. Then it has gotten to the point where it can’t be general gunfire but ‘targeted’. So why is it cops in Cleveland can drive up and gun down a 12-year-old, when he hasn’t even pointed the deadly BB gun at them??

Because Americans have been so brainwashed into believing government is their master, instead of their servant. THAT’S why cops gun down suspects holding a knife, and make college coeds flop on the ground from the inappropriate use of Tasers.

Jim Roach

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