“Pope, Patriarch demand end to ISIL attacks”

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Pope Francis and the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians demanded an end to the persecution of religious minorities in Syria and Iraq on Sunday and called for a ‘constructive dialog’ with Muslims, capping the pontiff’s three-day visit to Turkey. [USA Today 12/1]

Yo Pope dude! Are you nuts? “Demand an end to ISIL attacks”? What planet are you from? They cut off peoples heads and sit them on the victims chest. Or have their kids use them as an impromptu soccer ball. You don’t have “constructive dialog” with godless savages like that, you get the hell out of there.

The business end of an M-16 is how  you “dialog” with them. “This isn’t the Quran”? The hell it ain’t, are you nuts? Their book doesn’t say “Go and make disciples of all nations”. Their book says Convert or die!” They are bloodthirsty, 7th century savages. Their book tells them to be the headloppers they are. You can’t dialog with that. You sound as stupid as our president. You sound extraordinarily fallible.

The best you could do for the Christians in that region is to give them luggage. That’s who the refugees to this country should be, the displaced Christians. Not the headloppers we’re bringing in. Get the Christians the hell out of there. We need to give Israel the state of New Mexico and get them out of there too. You can’t live around mindless savages! It don’t work. Let them kill themselves, Christians and Jews get the hell out of there.

The religious minorities there don’t need advice from you, they need luggage. They need to get out of Headhackeystan.

Jim Roach
.Cheeseburger! (2)

“Socialism is but Catholicism addressing itself not to the soul but to the sense of men…[Both implore you to] accept authority,accept the force which it employs,resign yourself to all-powerful managers,give up the free choice and the free act…They both seek to sacrifice man.”

— Auberon Herbert
(1838-1906) English author


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