“Embracing the fight”

Crystal Ball
Jennifer Jacobs (aka ‘the Swami’)

If he runs, Sanders would spotlight the plight of the worker [Sunday Register]

Rekha Basu had an interesting article about her fellow socialist, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. She described what he stands for and what he sees as troubling America. Nothing wrong with that. His focus on good jobs and worker rights gives him zero chance in a country run by the bankers and corporations. It was good to hear about him in a cogent fashion though. But it just seems that a socialist might have an uphill climb running for president in America.

Contrast that with the treatment Ben Carson got from the Register when he was recently in town. Iowans didn’t even know who he was, and the two articles out of the Register from that swami of soothsaying Jennifer Jacobs only said, “He can’t win.” Really? The race hasn’t even started yet and the only thing the Register can say is he can’t win? Yet they give avowed socialist Bernie Sanders a full airing and no derision? It is almost like conservatives and liberals receive different treatment on the pages of the Register.

Jim Roach


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