Religion of Peace murders 132 school children

You’d think a religion like that would have a PR problem. You know, a bit of a tough sell. When the Taliban touts itself as the true expression of Islam, then walks into a school and systematically shoots 132 kids in the head, you’d think people might question the credibility of that religion.

When ISIS, who also claims to be the true expression of Islam, lops off the heads of women and children who don’t agree with it, you’d think that might tarnish their image. When the Taliban walked onto that school bus in Pakistan 2 years ago and shot Malala Yousafzai in the head for wanting girls to have an education, you’d think that religion might have a hard time being taken seriously.

Which made me wonder when I read, Remaining Christians in Syria fight to save their land [Register 12/21], why our government doesn’t offer those Christians refuge in the U.S.? It is genocide they face, why aren’t we offering them a home? Instead of the Muslims who are killing them? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Liberals get worked up about other endangered species, but not Christians.

Jim Roach

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One Response to Religion of Peace murders 132 school children

  1. peddiebill says:

    Although I agree with what you say about ISIS and the Taleban it ocurs to me that there is sufficient evidence to criticise our side for exactly the same reasons. George W Bush said God told him to go into Iraq. It wasnt hundreds of innocent children who died as a consequence, it was thousands. He said torture was OK so long as it was done for the right reasons. I respectfully disagree. If Christianity (not Islam) is the true religion of Peace how come more have died in pursuit of its spread than the total who have died as a consequence of the spread of Islam. (cf the Victims of Christianity by Kelsos) Please dont get me wrong – I am totally against what Islamic extremists are doing – but in the same way I am totally against unjustified violence carried out by those claiming to follow Chrsitianity. I can provide the evidence if you dont accept what I am saying.

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