“Get ready for more big money in elections”

Bennett editorial cartoon

Spending bill allows individuals to donate up to $1.6 million to parties [DM Register 12/18]

The Register goes on in last Thursday’s editorial about the evils of money in Congress and the need to stop said evil. They talk about how under the current system, the evil is limited  to $32,400 per single party committee. That the new law allows 3 times that amount to up to seven party committees for up to $1.6 million per donor to buy Congress. Evidently it is morally superior to have to buy Congress in small chunks, as opposed to large chunks.

This stuff is such child’s play I always wonder if the press are really that stupid or are they just faking it? The reason there is money in politics is because there is something for sale: i.e. government. Tah dah! Rich individuals and corporations wish to buy favorable tax rates and regulatory structures that favor them over someone else. Take away Congress’s ability to play with the law, limit them to the duties the Constitution gave them, and you take away the incentive to buy Congress.

Take away what is for sale. Congress is a bunch of crack whores waiting for their next fix (campaign contribution), take it away, make them go cold turkey. Don’t let them pick winners and losers. Make the field of play level. Don’t subsidize farmers. Don’t subsidize oil companies. Don’t subsidize any corporation. Don’t have one corporation pay 7 % tax and the next 20 %. Don’t allow them to protect one commodity and not the next. Shrink the tax code from a twenty foot tall stack of paper to three inches.

It reminds me of that joke about the old rich guy and the good looking young woman negotiating in the bar. He asks, “Would you sleep with me for $1,ooo,000 ?” She says, “I believe I would!” He asks, “Would you sleep with me for $100 ?” She shrieks, “Certainly not! What do you think I am??” He says, “We’ve established what you are, we’re just haggling over the price!”

Congress doesn’t have the right to sell the government, it doesn’t belong to them. It belongs to the people.

Jim Roach



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