Rare Nora DeBolt unearthed in Ellsworth, Iowa!

Nora DeBolt cnckjdsk IMG_6466 (2)

Sitting on the floor, all dusty and gunky, I found this framed and matted print at Sister Act in Ellsworth, Iowa. Like a lot of her paintings, Nora did them in “pairs”. Similar scenes that people might buy two rather than just one. You  can see this ones “pair” at this website, along with all others known to exist. Bean Kitty Studio

I probably have one of the larger collections known to exist at 6. My earlier ones all came from an east coast printer in the late 80’s and early 90’s Arthur A. Kaplan. This print was from Windsor Art of Pico Rivera, California. The prints from Kaplan were in cheap “foil” like frames with faux matts. This one from Windsor Art is much more substantial.

The image size is typical for Nora prints, 16 x 12, but frame and all measures slightly over 2 feet by 2 1/2 feet (30 inches by 24 inches). It has a quality double matt and solid gold painted wood frame. Artwork like this would have originally been found in furniture stores and nicer hotels. The ones from Kaplan were probably originally sold more in K-Marts and less expensive hotels.

I will notify Susan Lewis at Bean Kitty if possible so she can post this picture at that website. It currently is not one of the pictures included. She is the only known authority on Nora DeBolt and has many paintings of her own in that style. Below is a picture of the entire piece, so a better feel of the frame/origin can be had. There is also a ‘Garden Path’ type scene of Nora’s at Great Stuff in Ames. It is odd in that there are no people or animals in it. As Susan points out, “Waiting for my Master” might be the most rare, this print just found is quite rare also.

Nora DeBolt ;kfv;pesofko IMG_6463 (2)

Sister Act in Ellsworth (2)

Sister Act in Ellsworth, Iowa

Mr. Bofangles! (2)

‘Mr. Bofangles’ at Sister Act             [all photos DME]

A recent perusal of DeBolt prints on EBay showed them going for between $10 and $59 dollars. DeBolt prints

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