“Governor signs bills for welfare drug tests”


[USA Today 12/28]

“Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation that creates a drug-testing program for adult welfare recipients.”

I didn’t read the entire article but I assume Michigan is going to start drug testing farmers, oil company execs, bankers and other recipients of the taxpayers money. I have to assume that’s what they mean by ‘welfare recipients’. A little humor, but there is a point there. As a faithful reader of the “Your 2 Cents Worth” column in the paper, someone is always ranting about saving the US budget by kicking welfare queens off the rolls. They always are referring to unwed mothers with too many kids. Why? There isn’t a farmer out there who isn’t receiving some sort of subsidy, tax cut or price support. Paid to grow this crop, or not grow that crop. Paid if it rains too much, paid if it doesn’t rain at all. Why are they special? We subsidize oils companies to… why do we subsidize them? We bailout banks because they make dumb decisions. Why are they so deserving of taxpayer money and welfare moms aren’t? Got me.

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