The $4.5 Million Dollar Man goes 7 – 6

Kirk Ferentz

“We’re not going to get the kind of recruits Ohio St. and Michigan get, traditionally,” Ferentz said. “That’s just the way it is.” [DM Register 1/2]

Than why do we pay you more than those coaches? Seems pretty silly to pay someone $4.5 million dollars a year to go 7 – 6. I mean if that’s why you are a loser, good recruits will never come to Iowa, why don’t we just make football at U of I a club sport? Why spend all that money and time if we can’t win?

Hmm… but how do you explain Oregon? Baylor? TCU? They aren’t “traditional” powerhouses like Ohio State and Michigan, yet they seem to do okay. In fact those three schools were nothing. They were cellar dwellers. They were doormats. Until that is, they got the right… what’s the word? Oh yeah, coaches! Once they got the right coaches, they BECAME powerhouses! Imagine that, without the recruits Ohio State and Michigan get. That’s because they got something we ain’t got- a coach. I don’t care if you go 7 -6, but you need to refund some money. You’re stealing.

According to your theory, Oregon should never have been able to compete with USC and UCLA. But the Ducks are doing just fine. They were able to recruit against UCLA and USC, in fact, they got the Heisman winner. In fact, according to your theory, Baylor and TCU never should have been able to recruit anyone who could walk and chew gum at the same time. Because in their state, Texas and Texas A&M ruled the roost. How could they compete against that? Shazzam! They did though. If you build the program, they will come. You ain’t no builder. 7 – 6 comes a lot cheaper than $4.5 million a year. I bet you could get it for $800,000.

Jim Roach

(Oh, oh, he might go to the pros! No he won’t, he’d have to produce.)


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