Damn what a jackass

Jan Mickelson on WHO radio today was talking about the necessity for economic purity in the wage scale. Why, it was horrible for the Federal government to tinker with a minimum wage. “They had no authorization from the Constitution”. Why we can’t have the Federal government tinkering with our ‘pure as a driven snow economy’. True enough. We can’t have the government picking winners and losers. Free market economics by God, that’s how we roll. (That codicil of the Constitution that allows Congress to subsidize business must have been written in invisible ink, only Republicans can see it.)

Bullshit you lying hypocritical nitwit. The Federal government does nothing but subsidize business. You lying son of a bitch, that’s why the tax code stands 20 feet tall. They do nothing but pick winners and losers for business. That’s how Congress gets its money for God’s sake! One corporation pays 25 % tax, the next corporation pays nothing. Every farm commodity grown has a either a subsidy and or a protective tariff. Banks and Wall Street are bailed out every 5 years, no one ever goes to jail. Oil companies are flat-out subsidized. And the ONE area we are supposed to maintain free market purity is with wages???

You are such a delusional piece of filth. Our Federal government floods the labor pool with millions upon millions upon millions of illegal labor, and the working man is the one who is to play strictly by free market principles? No minimum wage? We subsidize farmers for billions, oil companies for billions, bank bailouts for trillions, and you’re worried about a damn $10 an hour minimum wage???

Or how about legal immigration, we take in more legal immigrants each year than the rest of the world combined. Combined. Do we adjust those numbers during economic downturns? Oh hell no, it is full speed ahead, recession, decline, whenever, it is always more, more, more! How can that possibly be fair? Not that we have a need for an unlimited supply of uneducated blue collar immigrants. But that don’t matter to the government and the Republican Party (or Democrat for that matter).

Good grief, the Republican does nothing but tinker with the “free market”, laissez- faire capitalists they are not! Except! When it comes to the minimum wage. Like I said one time, the American worker can compete with anyone in the world, we just didn’t think they were going to bring them all here. Tell ya what Mickelson, you old jackass, you get rid of farm subsidies, bank bailouts, oil company subsidies and secure the border, and labor will be only too happy to get rid of the minimum wage. Does the Constitution give Congress “authority” to subsidize business? What would seem to be good for the goose, would indeed be good for the gander.

Jim Roach


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