Nora DeBolt’s ‘Sailing’ at S.E. 14th St Salvation Army

Nora (2) Sailing

Oh Em Gee ! It’s ‘Sailing’ by Nora DeBolt ! ($4.99) Well, it was at 4620 S.E. 14th Street in Des Moines, until I bought it this afternoon. It has the original K-Mart price sticker on the back of it from 1989. $9.00 was the original price. Horribly framed, stapled corners. The lithograph was glued to a piece of cardboard. Someone stored it in their basement, a damp atmosphere caused some mildew damage on the right border area. If Walnut Street Gallery in Ankeny can remove that, the colors are adequate to have it reframed like the others.

OMG!  Nora! (2) Sailing 2

Below are 2 shots of the same printed after cleaning and being reframed at the Walnut Street Gallery in Ankeny. Its hard to see from the photo, but it looks a gazillion times better. Shots to follow of the set of 4 that are now complete.

Jim and newest Nora (2) kmszkszki

Nora (2) sailing pdidphdx

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1 Response to Nora DeBolt’s ‘Sailing’ at S.E. 14th St Salvation Army

  1. Iowa Life says:

    I’m selling my Nora Debolt print “duck pond” on eBay. before that I had it on etsy
    If anyone is interested they can text me or call me please do not email, at 530.604.1188. Thank you, Trina Simon

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