“MLK’s missing title: the Reverend”

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Grandview University campus pastor Russell Lackey had an interesting piece in today’s Sunday Register. He points out that we now overlook the fact that Martin Luther King’s title also included ‘Reverend’. Lackey makes the case that a lot of the power and stamina of the movement King led, was due to the power of God behind it. Excellent point.

My problem with Pastor Lackey’s article is that in his article he only references a generic god. Generic gods and Hollywood’s god are simply wood and stone, they have no power to propel any movement. Devotion to those gods could earn you a trip to hell. The God with power, the God King prayed to had a Son named Jesus.

I submit Lackey’s article lacked power because it lacked Jesus. Perhaps Lackey omitted Jesus so as not to “offend” a diverse audience. Hmm. I submit that Jesus warned we will not always be a friend of the world. I submit Jesus pointed out we will be offensive to some. I submit that if we do not keep our eye on the Son of Man, we will end up going down the “wide path”, the road to destruction. Perhaps it is best if we point people down the narrow path, even if it does offend them.

What we have ended up with as an example, is a supposedly Christian nation, that at the ‘holiday’ time, has not one recurring TV special that correctly identifies what we are celebrating; the birth of Jesus. The public thinks “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a faith movie. They think angels are dead people working on getting their wings. I think a church veers off course that does not keep its eye on Jesus. If you have to sanitize your message so as not to offend someone, you have no message.

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One Response to “MLK’s missing title: the Reverend”

  1. Jeri says:

    Amen! Thanks for standing up for the true God!

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