Tom who?

Tom Harkin retired from the US Senate last year. First elected to the House in 1974, I reckon he figured he’d run up the national debt as high as was possible. He’d let in millions upon millions of illegal aliens over 40 years. He and wife Ruth (head of OPIC in the 90’s) had shipped as many manufacturing jobs overseas as was possible. I think he had seen the unsustainability of the systems handwriting on the wall, and figured it was time to get while the getting was good. After 40 years in the government, what more was there to do?

40 years of helping to destroy this country, I had still got the distinct impression from him that he thought he was irreplaceable. Not hardly. There are people waiting in line to destroy this country. Not a thing special about you. Ernst in less than a month seems to be making more of a stir then Harkin did in 40 years. Ernst had the State of the Union rebuttal with less than 30 days on the job. Just the fact that the unknown state senator from Red Oak was able to get the job doesn’t say much about Harkin.

Hell, Harkin couldn’t even help Democrat Bill Bailey hold on to his seat. The people of Iowa had zero left in their “Harkin appreciation account”. And old Tom, speaking of accounts, he took $2.4 million unspent from his campaign account, that could have been used to help elect Bill Bailey, but Harkin chose to use it instead for the great Harkin library to be built at Drake. Hoo wee.

Yep, dear old Tom, what a rut you left this country in. Did you leave office with the country in better shape than when you  found it? Don’t you worry, with Republican Joni Ernst in office, the bullshit will continue unabated. Millionaire farmers will continue to be subsidized by $7.25 an hour workers. Oil companies will continue to receive their billion dollar subsidies from $7.25 an hour workers. Wall Street will continue to get bailed out on the backs of people making $7.25 an hour.

Yep, things sure will be different now that a Republican holds that seat. Grassley still thinks he is indispensable after his 40 year career. Trust me Chuckie old boy, you could be out tomorrow, the votes would go on. The subsidy train wouldn’t miss a beat.  Anyone elected to Congress knows how the game is played. The world will continue to spin. Your not indispensable. If you couldn’t get it done during your first 50 years in politics, you’re not going to get it done in another 50. Hate to break it to you Chuckie old boy, but when you go, a month later they’ll be asking, Chuck who?

Jim Roach


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