“Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil”

— Thomas Mann

Islamic State Hostages Glance

My immediate thought after reading this quote was of that murderous incarnation known as the Religion of Peace. I think you can tell a lot about an organization by its mission statement. In this case, “Kill the infidel”. Being one of the infidel, my onboard early warning system causes me to take note. When they state that it is their goal to kill me, I tend to listen.

Thomas Mann in the quote above was referring to the threats of his day, national socialism as practiced by Hitler, and the threat of global communism. He fled Germany in ’33 as soon as Hitler took power.

If you talk to any liberal, it is amazing what they hate, or have zero tolerance for. Do they have an intolerance for headloppers? Those who practice genocide against Christians and Jews? Nope. Liberals hate people such as Tea Party types. Their offense? They want less taxes and smaller government. Liberals also hate Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Pat Buchanan. Don’t even get them started on Sarah Palin. They start foaming at the mouth and get this wild look in their eye.

Here in Iowa, liberals hate people like Bob Vander Plaats and Steve King. If you want to get an Iowa liberal worked up, and watch that vein beside their temple throb, mention Joni Ernst. Don’t stand too close though, their head might explode. My gosh they hate that woman.

Liberals don’t hate people who kill, on the contrary they embrace them. Liberals hate people whose ideas are different from theirs.

Jim Roach


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