Finding a villain

Sarah Palin

A recent editorial cartoon was in the paper, “When Democrats Dream”, with a picture of a Trump – Palin ticket. Sarah Palin ran for vice-president in 2008. That’s 7 years ago. Let it go people. Whether it is a letter to the editor, cartoon or Your Two Cents Worth comment, liberals can’t let her go. Why is that?

You’ll notice that a lot with  liberals, like on Saturday Night Live. Liberals for the most part don’t attack conservative ideology, they attack the conservative. When you think about it, that’s pretty much all they can do.

Take 3 prominent issues, abortion, welfare and guns. How do you argue for the killing of babies? You can’t. So you attack the individuals in the prolife movement. You paint Pat Buchanan as an “extremist”, for wanting to keep babies alive. Not Democrats for wanting to kill them.

How do you argue for paying people to sit on their butt? You can’t. So you paint Rush as a “hater” for wanting to end welfare. You paint him as selfish for wanting to keep his own money. Not the recipients as thieves for stealing other peoples money.

How do you argue for disarming the public? You can’t. History shows the people in that situation eventually always get slaughtered by their own government. So you paint Ted Cruz as a “gun nut” for promoting the second amendment. Not the wannabe tyrants as murderers.

I submit that the conservative about always argues issues, not individuals.

Jim Roach


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2 Responses to Finding a villain

  1. It is called Alinsky Tactics

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