Rabbits have rabbits

I’ve come up with this incredible scientific theory that I believe can be proved. I believe that when rabbits procreate, they have baby rabbits. That when tigers procreate they birth tigers. Armadillos beget armadillos. I know I’m out there on this one, but work with me.

I believe that the ingredients have a lot to do with the end result of a particular recipe. If you use the ingredients for apple pie, most of the time you won’t get brownies. What goes in comes out.

I think the same could be said of a religion. The future direction and tone of a religion can be indicated by the manner and tone of the one who birthed it. If the founder was a murdering, head lopping, child marrying, extortionist who conquered  a good portion of the globe, than perhaps the resulting religion will tend to a warring one. And not a religion of peace.

Jim Roach


“One does what one is; one becomes what one does.”

— Robert von Musil
(1880-1942) Austrian writer
Source: Kleine Prosa (Liberty Quotes – Canada)

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The latest victim of the Religion of Peace: Kayla Mueller

(“You’re saying Islam isn’t a religion of peace ?!  I’ll kill you #$%^@!!!”)

“If you look like a rabbit, and act like a rabbit, you will be treated like a rabbit — prey for all predators.”

— Stony Loft
V.P. of Hi-Desert Rod & Gun Club

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