By the sword

It pains me to say it, but when most of the world is in such denial, someone has to point out that the Emperor has no clothes. Nobody likes to be the one to stick their neck out, least of all when you’re dealing with people who like lopping off heads and have a passion for swords. Like at Charlie Hebdo, it will get you killed if you say the wrong thing about the Religion of Peace. No one sees any irony there?

Common sense seems to have fled the planet. People no longer can see with their own eyes. They ingest politically correct propaganda like it was ice cream. They just suck it down. Reality is the exact opposite of what they are seeing with their own eyes, but such a lack of critical thinking skills exists in this country that the propaganda just envelopes them. It must be true that if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough…

The history has been written. In the internet age, in 5 minutes you can find more information than you could ever possibly read. What could have happened? Did some joker with a black magic marker go around and block out those portions of all the history books from 570 – 632? Did a team of hackers break into all the world’s computers and remove from the online encyclopedias all knowledge of the 7th century? Why does no one acknowledge what the founder of Islam was and what that founding was like? There’s no guess work about that period. It’s pretty plain.

Muslim conquest of a good bit of the known world isn’t taught in American schools anymore, but the information is readily available. Do you suppose Islam was spread by elections? Community outreach efforts and focus groups? Do you suppose that was how it was spread? Do you suppose they had something similar to bible studies and through evangelical efforts they convinced people to join their religion? Hmm… maybe not.

No, actually it is (was) well known exactly how Islam was spread. Convert, be taxed or die. By the sword! That’s how Islam was spread. Oh, and many, many, many beheadings. Torture. Being pulled apart by horses, and lots of other cruel and psychotic ways. Islam was formed as a warring, conquering religion. Constant violence was it’s hallmark. Terrifying, centuries long, brutal, bloodthirsty violence. You see, they didn’t have a great commission to “go and make disciples of all nations”. Their mandate was to “kill the infidel”. I realize the difference is subtle. I realize it’s nuanced. But it’s there.

So why is it exactly that people swallow hook, line and sinker the ridiculous notion that Islam is a religion of peace?  Where is the evidence for that conclusion? Where is the track record for that conclusion? For the sane person, there is no chain of evidence to support that conclusion. For me personally, my WTF meter explodes. I look at the past, I look at the present, and I think I can pretty well see what the future holds. I really don’t see peace breaking out all over. I really don’t see Muslim acceptance of Israel. I really don’t see them stopping thinking of America as the Great Satan. Nope, I see the foreseeable future as an exact replay of the past. So why is the rest of this country so myopic?

Muhammad murdered people. He was a murderer. That is documented, undeniable fact. To say that a murderer founded a “daisies in the grass” religion of peace, requires a degree of insanity I just don’t possess. I deal in the real world. I’ll leave fairy tales to the delusional. By the way, appeasement will get you killed. Placating nut jobs so they won’t throw a tantrum is not the answer. Strength is.

Jim Roach

[The folks at the Middle East Forum website have a very good recounting of history:]

“In closing, the fact of the Muslim conquests, by all standards of history, is indisputable. Accordingly, just as less than impressive aspects of Western and Christian history, such as the Inquisition or conquest of the Americas, are regularly taught in U.S. textbooks, so too should the Muslim conquests be taught, without apology or fear of being politically incorrect. This is especially so because it concerns history—which has a way of repeating itself when ignored, or worse, whitewashed.”

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum



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