Jennifer Jacobs a partisan disguised as a reporter

[Jennifer Jacobs spends a lot of her time with the Register as a “political reporter” trying to cause dissension within the ranks of the Republicans. A past one-woman crusade was trying to get Republicans to drop the Ames Straw Poll. So far the Republican Party of Iowa hasn’t bit on that one. Jacobs tried to paint the picture with candidate Ben Carson that he couldn’t win, before she bothered to introduce him. Her latest (and continuing) crusade is to cause a riff between the country clubbers and the Tea Party types in Iowa by smearing Iowa political operative and Ames resident A.J. Spiker. In all 3 cases the Register has refused to print a letter to the editor from me criticizing Jacobs. Here is the latest.]

As regards Paul seeks to smooth over Iowa rumblings of trouble and Paul tailors speech to liberty movement, the only two things missing from this two day attempt at character assassination of A.J. Spiker were names and facts.

I believe journalistic protocol when holding a public lynching requires the names of the accusers to be printed. This cuts down tremendously on spurious and unfounded allegations.

Secondly, as to “building damage” and missing “computer files”, what was the damage to the building? He didn’t have the money to fix the roof? Or he purposely through a chair through a window? Omission or commission. What computer files were missing? Official Republican Party of Iowa files? Or Spiker’s personal files just because somebody was nosey?

When you’re a partisan disguised as a reporter, causing dissension in the ranks of the opposition is about all you got when the Democrats have no juice, and the only candidate is a nearly 70-year-old warhorse named Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Jim Roach




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