Religion of Peace holds mass beheading of Christians

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“A message signed with blood to the nation of the Cross.” I don’t want to be around if the Religion of Peace ever turns violent. I’m sure the mainstream media will keep me informed. No doubt the Register is working up an editorial right now. They really should show this on TV and in print, nonstop for about a week. All the beheadings, immolations, mass shootings and all the associated barbarism coming from ISIS. I think it important the American people see what their government has been inviting into their country. Plus, uninvited across the wide-open unsecure southern border. Thank you Grassley and Harkin, stalwarts of our representation in Washington for nearly half a century. And to the idiot citizens who kept voting them in for nearly 50 years. It has been a mutually symbiotic / moronic, parasite / host relationship.

Jim Roach

[Oh, and on the next page of the USA Today from the above story was: 2 dead in gunman’s Copenhagen rampage. The Religion of Peace going nuts in Denmark.]

(Oh, and how do you have a “war on terrorism” with a wide-open unsecure southern border? How many people do you know go to sleep at night with their doors to their house wide-open? Don’t most people shut and lock their doors at night?)

{Oh, and are the orange jumpsuits causing this violence? Every time I see this violence orange jumpsuits are involved. Or is it the black pajamas with masks? Is that what’s causing this violence? Hmm… the guns! The guns must be causing this violence! That’s it! The guns are causing this violence! Wet streets cause rain!}

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