Religion of Peace goes on killing spree in Denmark


Gunman Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein was just a “normal” criminally violent Muslim gang member when he was sent to prison for stabbing a person in 2013. There he became an obedient Muslim and started on his path to murder. He killed 2 and wounded 5 in Copenhagen.

I was watching the previews before Robot and Frank last night when an interesting one came on about what would have happened if Hitler had gotten this “super weapon” completed in WWII and what might have happened to change the outcome (Company of Heroes). The people who run Hollywood love a Hitler movie and this is part of where the phrase “never forget” comes from, lest a holocaust is repeated.

This is particularly apropos at this time as Jews flee Europe for Israel to escape targeted street violence  and murder from Muslims who have invaded Europe. No one sees the irony as Muslims flood into Europe, that Jews are fleeing out. Do you suppose Europe’s future looks bright because of this? Probably not…

The desert nomads invading Scandinavia seem to be bringing rape, murder and mayhem, and not necessarily cultural improvement. It just doesn’t seem like a good fit. But back to the point, the world never saw the original holocaust coming even though Hitler told the world what he wanted to do in a book in 1924. One man took an entire country into the depths of depravity.

Enter today’s holocaust. No one seems to see it coming. Even though their book, the Koran, tells us exactly what they plan to do. Political correctness has put blinders on the world. It’s not one man doing it this time, it is one religion. Hitler’s hatred was bipartisan (5.3 million “other”) and so is Islam’s. While Jews can flee to Israel rather than face the threat, the rest of Europe and America can’t.

We seem to have “forgot”. Fleeing to a safe haven and not having the will to identify a Religion of Hate does not seem to be a profitable long-term strategy. When that religion’s mission statement is to kill everyone who is an unbeliever, you’d be advised to face it head-on. We seem to have failed to learn from history.

Jim Roach

[“Bomb squad to examine letter sent to cartoonist.” Sweden. You don’t want to be a cartoonist in Europe. I’d hate to see their life insurance rates.]



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