El Kabong ! (Not to be confused with al-Shabaab)


Or Shish Kabob. Neither El Kabong or Shish Kabob are an Islamic terror group. That would be al-Shabaab. They are the ones who have called for terrorists in America to shoot up shopping malls. Mall of America, or maybe the West Edmonton Mall in Canada. The Secretary of Homeland Security called for people “to be vigilant”. Vigilant against what Jeh Johnson? Against who? Who should we be on the lookout for? The entire article didn’t specify. Who could it be…. what might those terrorists look like?

There is absolutely no need for Americans to be vigilant. None at all! There is nothing that could happen. Al-Shabaab called on his fellow Muslims to take up arms and shoot up the malls. That is ridiculous! How could that happen?? Islam is the Religion of Peace! We are perfectly safe. As America fills up with more and more Muslims, that’s just like being filled up with more and more Peace! We might as well abolish the Department of Homeland Security, we got so much Peace breaking out.

Jim Roach

[It’s also easy to confuse Procol Harum and Boko Haram. The first is a British rock group, the latter is an Islamic terrorist group. All these Islamic terrorist groups are giving the Religion of Peace a bad name. I’m glad they’re a bunch of peaceniks, I’d hate to see them if they were a violent death cult.]

Shish Kabob

“Whenever people talk glibly of a need to achieve educational “excellence,” I think of what an improvement it would be if our public schools could just achieve mediocrity.”

— Thomas Sowell
(1930- ) Writer and economist (Liberty Quotes – Canada)

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