Liberal absurdity

Thursday’s Register was even more full than usual of liberal crap. Starting with Froma Harrop saying Can the hysteria: America’s food is safe to eat. Really genius? Have you not heard once what the animals full of growth hormones and antibiotics have done to the human body the past 70 years? Man you’re stupid…

Or Sandra Sanchez, A new roadblock in path of reforms on immigration. Goodnight woman, the entire contents of Mexico? It is up to America to take in every last Mexican? And give them welfare? What’s so special about Mexico? There are a lot of screwed up countries, why don’t we have to take in all their people? In fact, considering what Mexicans have done for Mexico, do we really want to make America, ‘Mexico north’?

Kathie Obradovich to cover CPAC, hoo doggy. Bet we get some real insight there. It reminds me of Politics Wednesday on the local NPR station. As expert commentators they are convinced they have both sides on because they have liberal and really liberal guests.

Gas tax to jump 10 cents in Iowa starting Sunday. Its not often you get to see a corporation having an orgasm but we did there. The Register never met a tax it didn’t like.

Should (police body cameras) cameras be  mandatory? That’s the last thing cops want. They’re going to have a lot harder time shooting unarmed civilians if that happens. Not that it will stop, but it will be a lot harder.

Then you have one of the leading idiots in Des Moines with Ronald N. Langston and his article, Immigration reform affects Iowa businesses. Indeed it does. Corporate ag in this state is one of the greatest advocates of a slave labor class. Big surprise there, he also wants to empty the contents of Mexico into the U.S.

And finally, a letter to the editor, Congress needs more like Senator Joni Ernst. My God liberals get fixated on personalities. They can’t argue issues so they have to attack the individual (not that this letter was doing that). The Register just likes to keep her name in the news because it gets the liberal’s juices flowing like Sarah Palin does. Actually, I’ve heard that if you say the name ‘Joni Ernst, Joni Ernst, Joni Ernst’, three times real fast to a liberal, their head will explode. I’ll have to try that. While wearing an apron. And goggles.

Jim Roach

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