She’s the best the Democrat’s have?

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Hmm…. so okay, most of the 16 Republicans more or less running for President are a bunch of establishment lackeys, but at least there is competition. A race. Democrats only got the shrew. A shrieking shrew that reminds men across America of their ex-wife? That’s going to get elected? I don’t see it.

The liberal media is trying to paint the picture of the Republicans being a bunch of dysfunctional nitwits, true, but at least they got something. The Democrats can’t beat something with nothing. What’s Hillary got going for her?

Money from Saudi Arabia and UAE going into the Clinton Foundation coffers? Is that going to endear her to voters? Maybe it’s the stupidity or deviousness of not using the official State Department email? Maybe it was the deadly disaster Benghazi was? She’s got more baggage than her eyes.

That’s not even bringing up the crap she pulled during her husband’s administration. Being in charge of the guy who had 900 FBI files on Republicans. Being behind the firing of Billy Dale than sic’ing the IRS on him to dig up justification. The fraudulent cattle futures trading. The miraculous appearance of the Rose Law firm billing records.

You take all that and combine it with the personality of a porcupine, and you’re going to tell me the Republicans got an uphill battle? Don’t think so. It’s theirs to lose. If they screw this one up they are more dysfunctional than I thought. That and the organic shift in the electorate to a socialist friendly tide of new voters. Still, America is going to elect a 70-year-old warhorse to be the first woman President? Don’t think so.

Jim Roach

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