“Netanyahu speech a ‘spectacle’, Loebsack says”


Yeah? I think you’re a jackass Loebsack. That was one of the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard. The other thing it pointed out so obviously was the caliber of leadership missing at the helm of America’s ship of state.

My God, it was so obvious what America has been lacking. Clear, honest, logical thinking, unafraid to speak the truth. Not apologizing to the Arab world for wanting to live.

And even to the casual judge of man flesh, it is clear that Netanyahu is an honorable man, not the duplicitous jerk Obama and Loebsack are. Plus, it just looked like Netanyahu could kick both their ass, at the same time. Oh that we could swap leaders with Israel. That’s the downside of having a really stupid electorate, we end up with twit’s like Obama and Loebsack.

I swear Obama and Loebsack love ISIS and hate Netanyahu. Which is funny, as Israel is the only slice of sanity in that fruit basket over there.

Jim Roach

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