“Some in Iowa view Bush skeptically”

Regarding Some in Iowa GOP view Bush skeptically [Jennifer Jacobs, DM Reg, 3/6], it’s a shame that Americans and Iowans in particular will never get a clue as to how they are being played.

The establishment, of which the media is a big part, will always make sure they own both horses in a race. The pony they are pushing on the Republican side this time is Jeb Bush.

Which is why Jacobs is doing this long expansive puff piece on Bush today, and Obradovich was whining about how horrible it was that dear Jeb got booed at CPAC the other day. When else do you see liberals defending Republicans? Attacking them, trying to rip them to shreds, but not defending them.

The issue for the establishment, in this era, is that nothing interferes with the juggernaut of the insurance/medical complex and that Obamacare continues. Obamacare isn’t good for an individual’s healthcare or wallet, but it is good for the insurance companies, that is why it will continue.

That is why either pro-business Bush or pro-business Hillary will be our next President. In times past in America the fix was in for railroads, oil companies, carmakers, agribusiness or anyone else who purchased government.

That is why neither pro-labor liberal Bernie Sanders or a pro-labor conservative like Pat Buchanan would ever get elected in America. That’s not what business pays their propaganda wing, the media, to ensure happens.

It all clicks into place and becomes rather obvious when you grasp that business has always had to have a low wage class. They feel it is society’s job to subsidize their labor costs. First it was slaves, then Chinese, next Irish, then Italians, and today Mexicans. Follow the money. Business always gets elected president, not labor.

Jim Roach

aaa b Just vote! (2)

[Which is really a shame because in a “democracy”, labor has the votes, they got the numbers, they are just too clueless to exert their power, and labors leaders have been compromised. Take Dahl’s grocery stores as an example. The line employees who worked for years funding very needed 401K’s with store stock, get left holding the bag when Dahl’s goes belly up. The new owners, Price Choppers doesn’t have to honor the paying of the retirees. The government doesn’t bail out the retirees. The retirees are screwed. Which is completely disgusting, because just a few years ago, taxpayers bailed out billionaire bankers on Wall Street, once again.]


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