With media like this, put butter on us, we’re toast

Oh my gosh we are done for. Two reporter-ettes in today’s USA Today, Martha T. Moore and Catalina Camia totally glossed over and made excuses for Hillary and her lying about the State Department emails.

One of the most blatant idiocies out of these two was that Hillary had to do this or she would have had to carry “two” devices. That is such bullshit. Even the Register has dug out that the government Blackberry’s used then could easily handle more than one email! How in the Sam hell is she getting away with this lie? Two devices? My God, how stupid do they think we are?

Number 2, the December release of half the emails was in PAPER ???? What??? You can’t search paper. There is one copy of paper. Are you kidding me? Paper release?

You delete the other half of the emails? (31,3830) YOU make that decision? YOU make that decision? Why have a judge and jury? Hillary can do it all. There is an investigation going on, and SHE decides what are personal? And gets away with it? And Democrats are dumb enough to put her up for President?

But the mindboggling part of all this is that she will get away with it. Aw shucks simpleton Hillary from the backwoods didn’t know her Blackberry could handle 2 email accounts? Are you kidding me? The press will let her slide. That’s why we are toast. The media is in bed with the Democrats. The media are worthless.

Funny thing is, they can do it when they want to. Take the search through Sarah Palin’s emails during her time as governor, that was just a couple of years ago. The media had hundreds if not thousands of journalists combing through her emails for months. Palin had released hers in electronic form of course, searchable. Hillary’s release of half? Paper. I saw on Sarah’s Facebook post the other night that she is not real confident that Hillary will receive the same treatment she did.

But as I pointed out earlier, because she got away with the crap she did in the nineties as assistant President, she felt free to flaunt her disrespect for the law and the American people again. She should have been dealt with then. When she was small. Now she has grown to an unstoppable monster. Kind of like Godzilla.

Jim Roach

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