“Clinton wipes server clean after handing over e-mails”

Wow. Roll that one over your tongue a little bit. Think about that one a little bit. “Wiped the server clean”. The Secretary of State for the most powerful nation on earth uses a private server for her official emails. No accountability. Unable to trace. No historical record. She wiped it clean. She destroyed evidence. And she is the runaway lock to be the Democrat nominee for President?

Whoa. I’m scared. Half the people in this country are dumb enough to make that woman President?? “Wiped the server clean”. Think about the type of character that woman possesses. Or doesn’t possess rather. Do you really want a megalomaniac like that to be President? “Clinton wipes server clean”.

It’s not the shock that a politician would lie, cheat or steal to further their career, you expect it. It’s that your fellow citizens, whatever their partisan disagreements with you, you would think would be smart enough to damn well not want corrupt politicians in office. As fellow Americans, you expect them to “have your six”, not vote the idiot in.

Jim Roach

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