“Indiana Gov. Pence stands firm on religious freedom law”

Hmm… how do I put this? You either have freedom or you don’t. Sadly, the majority of Americans can’t grasp the concept that the economic system we are supposed to be functioning under is a series of voluntary transactions. Compulsion by the state to engage in transactions you don’t wish to engage in, ceases to be a free market.

If our country had not been hijacked by various special interests over the years, all of this would have been worked out by now through market forces. Society would have determined years ago what was “acceptable” behavior for a business by voting with their dollar. This should have all been worked out a hundred years ago at least, but people too interested in creating a nanny state, wouldn’t allow ANYONE to ever be offended, hence freedom was sacrificed.

Which, completely flying over the gay lobby’s head, is exactly what is happening right now to the state of Indiana. Some brave fool there knew he wanted to strike a blow for freedom (which is good), he just hadn’t anticipated the hell fire and brimstone that was going to rain down on him from the atheists (pun intended). The way it is supposed to work, is that you will survive, or not, by the economic choices you make. Unfortunately, our government is controlled by those wishing a socialist utopia, who don’t wish you to have that freedom.

No one is going to die if two gay people can’t get their wedding cake from Baker A, and have to go to Baker B to get their cake. Baker A’s business will likely die though, if what he is doing is determined to be wrong by the majority of the cake buying public. Baker B supplies the demand for gay wedding cakes and profits beyond his wildest dreams. Adam  and Steve get their cake and everything is hunky dory. If Baker A wants to suffer the economic consequences, that’s his choice, or rather, it should be. The gay lobby demands that they be affirmed by society, not that you have freedom.

You have to walk before you can run, and horror of horrors, sometimes you will stumble and scrape your knee. That’s okay, there is a learning curve. Freedom isn’t free, you have to work for it. Have no fear gay lobby, I’m sure forced behavior by the State will soon resume in Indiana. The gay lobby is made up of a bunch of behavior Nazi’s, and are way too strident to see the irony.

You think freedom is a little messy? Try tyranny.

You got to expect a few bumps in the road in a country that at it’s founding codified the trading of human beings. A country like that has a slight problem in it’s moral compass. And the freedom I’ve suggested businesses should have? Of course this doesn’t apply to Government services.

Government doesn’t have the ability or right to discern. Nor of course does this apply to those institutions receiving tax subsidies or tax free status. Every business on the dole like farmers, oil companies and banks would have to be discrimination free. As would non-taxed institutions like churches and hospitals. They would either have to treat everyone equally or give up their tax-exempt status.

Jim Roach

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“Absolute, arbitrary power over the lives, liberty and property  of freemen exists nowhere in a republic, not even in the largest majority.”

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