Ill-equipped for freedom

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The irony is there in spades with the passage of Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ law. Freedom is the last thing the left wants. CNN and PBS are going crazy with it. They honestly (or maybe not) can’t get beyond the cliché they want to paint of, “Hey! We don’t serve you homosexuals in here!” While not acknowledging the type of case in Iowa where the couple bought a former church to rent as a Christian ‘Wedding Chapel’, and the gay lobby shut them down for discrimination. Hmm….

The first example of blatant prejudice in real life is going to be so rare as to be nonexistent, the economic consequences would make a business like that unsustainable. As Indiana is finding out. And the other real example (Gortz Haus Gallery, Grimes, IA) of the couple with the ‘for rent’ wedding chapel have a very good point. They were closed down nonetheless.

Either way, both owners in my simple example should have had the freedom to do as they please. They’re not a government entity. They’re not receiving tax subsidies. They are supposedly free men in a free market. But that can’t be allowed in CNN’s and PBS’s world. Behavior must be controlled. Compliance with government edict is all that matters. Americans have been so beaten into “group think” that they are ill-equipped for freedom.

When George Stephanopoulos was interviewing Governor  Pence, you could see the consternation on George’s face of the horror at the very idea of freedom breaking-out! Compliance! We want compliance damn it! In the liberal world, the worst thing that could ever happen would be one of the protected class to be offended. He’s fine with Christians being offended and not being allowed freedom. You just don’t want to be one of the “unprotected” class.

The classic case of Adam and Steve not being able to get their wedding cake from Baker A and having to go to Baker B is simplistic but well suited. Their right to keep and bear cake is not denied, they just had to go someplace else to get it. Freedom can be insulting at times, as pointed out earlier, a little messy. The alternative, government tyranny, is worse. That’s what the larger issue is all about, the real underlying danger the left sees. It’s not about ‘wedding cake’ at all.

It’s really about government controlling all aspects of our lives. The Left feels they have the vision of the anointed, and they know what’s best for you. They want to control society. They want to control you. It’s really about healthcare and guns and such. It’s not about wedding cake at all.

Jim Roach

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“Freedom is messy, tyranny is bloody.”

Jim Roach

[“Big-tech bias” is incredibly evident in this post. Using the title of this post in the search engine Duck Duck Go and this post comes up #1. Put that same title in Google and its not in the first 5 pages, if anywhere. I think it was some radio talk show host where I heard the phrase from, but its a good one. Americans have been so conditioned to be told what to do we are losing our ability to think independently. But to my point, I’ve experienced Big-Tech bias for 10 years, to hear big league conservatives belly aching now makes me laugh.]

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