How do you have a “little” freedom?

How does an American have a little freedom? Freedom is on a sliding scale? The government will determine how much freedom you will have? How do you have a ‘free market’ when government directs commerce? What other business decisions should government make for the business owner? Does government share in the risk?

Should Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church be shut down because they don’t “think right” about gays? What other speech should be shut down? Why should a church have tax-exempt status when it discriminates? Does a wedding photographer have tax exempt status? Speech is free but not commerce? Is commerce “speech”?

Should government determine the limits of freedom of the press? The Constitution allows you to take a human life under the guise of privacy but you can’t turn down photographing Adam and Steve’s wedding? A man doesn’t have control over his own body? Government can compel a man to act? Not just limit his actions, but actually compel him to act? Did Americans lose the game when they turned over their healthcare decisions to the government?

Jim Roach

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