13 retail & restaurant CEO’s average $5,859 an hour

Roll that one around in your brain a little. “13 retail & restaurant CEO’s average $5,859 an hour”. Hmm… the same people that fight not to pay waitresses even minimum wage, make $5,859 an hour. The stores that don’t want to pay a clerk $10 an hour, make more in one hour than the clerk would in over 2 months of 40 hour weeks. USA Today said these numbers were from S&P Capital IQ. That’s $10 vs. $5,859.  That works out to 586 times the hourly pay of the line worker. I’ve seen numbers for the 1940’s and 1950’s where the CEO made 30 to 40 times the line worker, not 586 times. Why, how could that have happened under O’Bama’s watch? I thought Democrats looked out for the little guy? Hey I know, let’s pump a few million more illegals into the country, that should help wages. So the people that make $5,859 an hour, don’t want to pay their worker $10.

Jim Roach

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