“City of Ames settles for $225K with Comstock estate”

Huh. Why would the city of Ames need to pay the relatives of the guy police officer Adam McPherson gunned down $225,000? Story County Attorney Stephen Holmes cleared McPherson, why on earth would they need pay off the family? That was a “righteous” shooting right? Why would an innocent party have to pay a settlement?

That is a head scratcher. It says right there in the article that Comstock “continued to rev the engine and refused orders to turn the truck off”. The fiend. Why that sounds to me like they had to shoot him. He could have had a gun. The officer might have feared for his safety, what with felony engine revving and all. He must have been like some kind of super criminal.

Sure the nose of Comstock’s truck was up against a tree. Sure neither one of the two donut-eaters at the scene had the God given sense to block in the pickup by putting their squad car against the rear bumper. What else could they do? Seven shots solved that. It’s Miller time.

Jim Roach

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[Just to be clear, that was sarcasm. The actions of the cop were despicable. The County Attorney clearing the cop was despicable. The 19-year-old needed help, not a bullet.]

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