“A race to find survivors”

A couple of USA Today articles left me scratching my head. The first, A race to  find survivors , was about the boat in the Strait of Sicily that capsized with 950 people on it fleeing Libya. The second article was Danger, peril mark journey, about why the people are fleeing Libya. One particularly good quote was from Lasina Dumbia, 19:

“You don’t do this because you want to, you do it because you have no other choice. It is desperation. There is nothing if you stay behind.”

I get that. Your country is a war-torn cesspool run by bloodthirsty lunatics willing to kill anyone and everyone. It isn’t even just the Christians they want to kill, Video purports to show ISIL killing Christians, they’ll kill you if you are the wrong sect of Islam. I get all that. The country you are fleeing is run by murdering psychopaths.

The rickety boats the smugglers have give you a full 50 % chance of making it alive to Italy. But the alternative, staying in Libya, gives you a 100 % chance of dying. So you take the coin flip and give it a whirl on the high seas. I get that!

What I don’t get, is why when you get to your new home, Italy in this case, France, Germany or England in other cases, why do you want to turn the garden spot you luckily even got to, why do you want to turn it into the hell hole you just came from???

You know, the “Muslim enclaves”, the Islamic controlled “no-go zones” ruled by Sharia Law, why do you do that??? That’s what made your country the hell hole! Don’t you get it??? Europe, compared to the countries you and your Islamic buddies are coming from, is a comparative “heaven on earth”. The Middle East is a basket case, don’t turn Europe into that.

Hmm, lets decipher this riddle. Your country is a hell hole, it is controlled by Islamic nutcases. Europe is a post-Christian Shangri-La. Hmm, lets see, which way of life do we want to adopt? Which way of life do we want to drop? Which leads to a civilized nation and the potential for a fruitful life? Which way of life and set of ethics leads to death and misery?

Jim Roach

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