Iowa to close mental health hospitals

It staggers the mind that the State of Iowa plans to close down the mental health facilities at Mount Pleasant and Clarinda. To me at least it seems incredibly ironic that no one makes the connection that at the very moment they are planning to do that, they are also in the process of kicking homeless people off their encampments along the river which is city owned. Homeless people are made up of 3 groups, two of which could have their lives changed by treatment at Mount Pleasant and Clarinda; substance abusers and the mentally ill.

It is all part of the continuing cycle where previous generations built the actual capital investment from the ground up, and this generation has so mismanaged their finances that they can’t even keep it running.

What a waste. This is child’s play. No one in state government sees it? Why couldn’t those facilities be used to treat substance abusers and get the mentally ill out of the prisons?? No reason! What brought this to mind was watching local news and seeing city workers put up the eviction notices at the encampments,  and the news release of gun grabber Sarah Brady’s death. She and former Representative Gabrielle Giffords were forever focusing on guns and gun shows.

As has been pointed out by wags in response to certain news articles, “Man attacked by machete”, or, “SUV drives off bridge”, no they didn’t. Inanimate objects didn’t suddenly revolt and turn on their human masters, it was idiots in the press not wanting to assign blame where it should be. Brady and Giffords should have been visiting shuttered mental hospitals across the country to draw attention to the non-treatment of the mentally ill, and not trying to make a villain of an inanimate object. Both Brady and Giffords had their lives forever altered by the mentally ill, and they are both so misguided they go on a political crusade against an inanimate object.

Instead, what will happen is the city of Des Moines next spring will again put up eviction notices along the river, wondering why they  can’t get rid of the homeless, the symptom. And sometime in the next year, we will read about a mentally ill person committing a mass shooting, and hear a resulting cry for more gun control. And we will definitely read about cops administering lead therapy to a psychotic in what would have been a routine encounter for a sane person.

Jim Roach

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