“Officers Charged”

“In a momentous decision that may shape future relations between police and residents in Baltimore, the state’s attorney said she would file charges against six city officers she says are responsible for the death of Freddie Gray.”

The part that scares me is that it is page one headline worthy news that 6 out of control donut-eaters are actually going to be held responsible for murder. It scares the hell out of me that this is news. But it is exactly how we got here. It has been routine for these outlaw criminal thugs known as cops to gun down unarmed civilians without repercussion.

The citizenry of this country has been so brainwashed by the establishment that they don’t protest obvious police brutality and murder. They don’t seem to grasp that when that arm of the government tasked with “law enforcement”, is completely lawless, your society is toast. It’s nice that Maryland has an attorney general that will make a bold, decisive move, but it should be routine.

Jim Roach

Marilyn Mosby

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