“From [Chief Justice] Roberts, a liberal dose of autonomy”


“His blurred ideology is most noticeable this term: Roberts has voted with the liberal justices more often than the conservatives.” Dang but I wish every Republican voting conservative would read that article in Thursday’s USA Today. How much longer are they going to drink the Kool-Aid? Don’t you ever grasp the betrayal that is going on? Chief Justice John Roberts has betrayed you. What on God’s green earth is it going to take for you to see the light?

The line from Republican politicians every election cycle is that you have to vote for any and all Republicans on the ticket, even the weak ones, because they are going to determine the makeup of the next Supreme Court! And you don’t want liberal justices appointed do you?? You freakin’ fools, at the time of Roe v Wade there was a 5 – 4 majority of Republican appointees. Hell, Earl Warren, the most liberal appointee there ever was, was a Republican appointee. For the past decade or more the ratio often was as high as 7 Republican appointees at a time. What did that get you? Obamacare sanctioned by the court and no overturning of Roe v Wade in sight. If you can’t do it at 7 – 2, you ain’t never going to do it.

You expect politicians and judges to be corrupt, lying, sons a bitches, you just don’t expect the voters to be so dumb as to keep putting them back in office.

Jim Roach


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