“Iowans Remember Vietnam”


The narrator guy on central Iowa’s PBS channel 11 gets the premise wrong about their Monday night special, so it makes you wonder what else they got wrong. He says, “Thousands of students took to the street to oppose the war in Vietnam…”. No they didn’t.

They took to the streets to oppose the draft. As David Horowitz pointed out, once the draft ended, so did the war protests. The war went on another 3 years. The protests didn’t. That is exactly why in the age of our latest 13 year war in the middle east, there are virtually zero war protests. We don’t have a draft. Have a draft, and you will suddenly discover war protestors.

Wikipedia has it wrong also. “By the early 1970s, most student protest movements died down due to President Nixon’s de-escalation of the war, the economic downturn, and disillusionment with the powerlessness of the antiwar movement.” Nah, it was because Nixon stopped the draft in ’72.

The last men were conscripted in December 1972. The war didn’t end until April 30, 1975. You didn’t see antiwar protests in 1973, 1974 and 1975.

Jim Roach


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