“2016 Lincoln Dinner”

GOP Parties Like It’s the Straw Poll [Register 5/18]

You can never tell with liberals like Jennifer Jacobs whether they are really that ignorant or whether it is just part of the act to further their agenda. On page 10A of the article beginning on page 1A, she actually says in reference to the Iowa Republican Straw Poll, “changes made to lure candidates and combat criticism of the cost of participating.” What??

Uh, Jennifer, of course there is a cost, its a fund raiser. That is how they raise funds. You see by charging candidates to participate, they take in money to fill their coffers. That’s how you hold a “fund raiser”, by charging money. If they charged potatoes, it wouldn’t be a fund raiser, it would be like a farmers market. But since they charge money, its a fund raiser. That way candidates can choose or not choose to participate.

That way if the Republican Party of Iowa charges too much, they won’t raise funds. Then it won’t be a fund raiser. Are you starting to see how this works Jennifer? People who want to participate, give the Iowa Republican Party money, that’s called a “fund raiser”, not a caucus. If the liberal media wants to attach all kinds of importance to it, that’s their business. But it doesn’t change what it is, which is a fund raiser.

See, you liberals in the media (but then I repeat myself) can call a fund raiser anything you want, but it isn’t accurate nor fair to Iowa Republicans. Say for instance you call yourself a journalist, but I call you a twit. Does that make you a twit? Well in this case it does actually, bad example. Okay, okay, say the Register calls itself a newspaper, and I call it a rag, does that make it a rag? Well, yes it does actually.

Just take my word for it that you can’t change a fund raiser into something it ain’t. No matter how hard you try. You twit.

Jim Roach

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