“Islamic State takes Ramadi”

[USA Today 5/18/15] Ooooo…. that’s just a little too delicious isn’t it? As pointed out on NPR this morning, we’ve spent billions of dollars and many, many, many, many years building the Iraqi Army up to the fine 500,000 man standing army it is, just to have them throw down their weapons and run in the face of an opposing force exactly 1 % their size! That is just too much!

How about it neocons? You know,  you twits that were calling Ron Paul an isolationist. You know, you interventionists that said Pat Buchanan was an isolationist. You know, you liberal idiots like Hillary that called anyone who didn’t want to bankrupt America and spill American blood an isolationist. You know, you people like John McCain and Lindsay Graham that called anyone who didn’t want to send Americans off to die to make Arabs free an isolationist.

How is that interventionism working out for you? Did you make the Middle East a garden spot? “Nation build” did you? Did you bring ‘democracy’ to Iraq? Does everybody over there love us now? Or hate us? Did you make ISIS smaller? Or bigger? Is ISIS getting more recruits or less? Get a lot for our money the last 10 years did we? Did you get a real payoff with the warmongering?

Islamic State takes Ramadi. 500,000 man army can’t keep out 5,000. They cut and ran. You interventionists have wasted more lives than I can count. You have crippled more American soldiers than I can count. You have indebted future generations more money than I can count. But, to top it all off, you won’t change your policies! You’ll keep doing the same damn thing! That’s the amazing part.

Well, the other amazing part, is that Americans will reelect the same people who put us here! How stupid are they?

Jim Roach

[And in Tuesday’s paper, “After decade of war, Taliban still standing”. Hey! I know! Let’s keep doing the same thing that isn’t working!]

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