“Family demands records from Burlington shooting”

jesse hill 11022566_1546786935600764_1647996097107049110_n

Another case of cops killing citizens with impunity. This one from Burlington, Iowa. The local county prosecutor not prosecuting. He didn’t mean to kill her. Oh, well, if he didn’t mean to… goodnight. What sort of dipshit is the Des Moines County Attorney? The same kind of dipshit as the Story County Attorney. The kind that likes to cover-up murder. Not good if you are one of the targets.

I don’t even think the deceased, Autumn Steele, having a mother who cares is going to matter. The fix is in. Covering for killer cops. We are so toast. They’ll probably start rounding us up for target practice. The sick and the old first. I’m in the latter category.

I guess every delivery guy who has ever had an issue with a dog can just start blasting away now. If you are petrified of a pooch, start shooting. Collateral damage is tough tookies. In typical cop fashion he hit everything but what he was aiming at.

This is so typical, it starts at the top with the State AG, the County Attorneys pick up on that and the corruption continues. Tom Miller’s office was covering up for a corrupt Cass County Attorney and Sheriff 10 years ago. The citizens had to put up their own money and bring suit themselves. The State AG did nothing, except tipoff the county sheriff and the attorney that the citizens were coming for them.

The citizens of Iowa are so impossibly dense they don’t see a problem in any of this. God help us. Good luck mom (Gina Colbert). Good luck demanding records. Good luck demanding that some sanity enter the process. The State is taking care of its own. The bureaucrats are circling the wagons. It is open season on citizens. How officer Hill lives with himself is beyond me. If he had a shred of decency he would resign.

Oh! Oh! I know, a couple of years after Ames cops offed a kid for revving his truck engine at them, the city of Ames settled with the family for a quarter of a million dollars. Gee, maybe Burlington will have to settle. That will make everything alright. That will bring back Autumn.

Jim Roach

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