He could a had a gun

Brelo untitled

I feared for my safety. He could a had a gun. He went for my gun. Blam! Blam! Blam! Cops murder a couple of more unarmed citizens and nothing changes. That’s the amazing thing. You expect cops to be crazed steroid junkies who pee their pants at the first sign of fear. You expect the judges to be little cowards afraid to set precedent. You expect the county prosecutors to be a bunch of lazy assed donut eaters always wanting to plea bargain instead of bringing a case to trial.

You expect all that. But what amazes me is that the citizens put up with it. That worthless son of a bitch in the picture, Michael Brelo stands on the hood of the car of two unarmed people and fires his gun 49 times through the windshield, and he’s not guilty? Of voluntary manslaughter? Forget murder for a minute, but he ain’t found guilty of voluntary manslaughter? And the people of Cleveland accept this?

I realize Cuyahoga County judge John P O’Donnell is a piece of shit. “He could a had a gun”, the fact that the couple didn’t, and that their car had backfired, didn’t matter to the judge. I realize officer Michael Brelo is a piece of shit. I realize the entire Cleveland Police Department is a piece of shit. No surprises there. I get it. What I don’t get is how the people of Cleveland, and America, accept this. But hey, I watched it happen in Ames, a cop murders a kid because he revs his truck engine at him. What’s not to believe?

You know things are screwed up when the statistics of police murdering people aren’t even kept. In those rare instances when a cop is murdered you have these big show funerals and the Governor shows up. In the meantime, 10 unarmed civilians are murdered by cops and nothing is done. BBC radio just finished a half hour show on this very subject. American media?  Out to lunch. Put up some traffic cameras, fire the cops, and you at least cut down on the murder rate.

I remember a couple of years ago here in Iowa they were looking to name a bridge after a Highway Patrolman who had died on duty. You know, go through the rolls of all those patrolman who died in blazing shootouts with bank robbers and drug dealers and the like. You know, pick just one Iowa Highway Patrolman of all the hundreds in the history who died in the line of duty of that extremely hazardous job. There wasn’t one. Not one had been killed by a criminal. The name they came up with to name the bridge after was a patrolman who had been hit by a car by accident and died.

Warrior cops are trained that every encounter with the public is a deadly one. Yeah, for the public.

Jim Roach

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  1. Gina Colbert says:

    You get it!

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